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Who we are

Vision, team and history

The people behind SimpleVisor

As a future leading provider of simple and effective childcare solutions, we are laying the groundwork for education. We make life easier for educators, children and parents. Children’s development and well-being are always our priority.


Ivan Streit

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Elia Aerschmann

Head of Sales, Marketing & Founder

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Niclas Janett

Chief Information Officer & Founder

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Fabian Hohl

Chief Financial Officer & Founder

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Sandra Pandurski

Head of Sales Region Center

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Christina Ammann

Head of Sales Region East

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Our History

Ivan regularly came late to floorball practice with an announced delay. Not only this, but the previously long and sometimes stressful discussions with the parents made Ivan, the director of a daycare center think about this whole situation. In the evening, he had record up to 20 times all information on paper, such as activities, meal planning, bedtime, etc.. This sometimes resulted in a lack of time for more in-depth discussions. Ivan discussed this issue with his teammate Elia, who has experience in start-up and who holds an MBA in entrepreneurship. They directly saw an opportunity and the warm-up sequences at practice allowed them to start discussing and further developing the opportunity into a business idea. They shortly after found the two missing pieces of the team with an IT specialist and programmer Nicolas and Fabian the financial advisor. Thanks to Ivan’s direct access to daycare centers and other partners, the software has been developed and created based on customer’s feedback. It is constantly being optimized.

SimpleVisor already envisions to revolutionize many other areas.

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